so lost and homeless it always discovers…

Concepts trick us into thinking that the things they stand for are definite and discrete in form when in fact they rarely are. So if we are to clearly think we must admit the fuzzy form of things that their names and concepts more or less routinely misrepresent. To strongly identify with almost anything is to make this mistake.

 If we are sensitive to this then emphasis shifts to watchfulness and awareness which naturally and more faithfully accommodates the non-crisp, ever moving nature of things.

Perception from a position of receptive emptiness is much more valuable than thinking. Perception is like air, very light and able in its nature to receive impressions of all forms. Thinking projects its own form, often creating confusion, always requiring revolution through dialogue. Thinking operates with the sub-code “I already know so why look too hard just recognize, categorize and move on”

Perception is so lost and homeless it always discovers, with never an end in sight.

thomas martin

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