All The Passing Things Must Have A River, The Teeming Must Have A Sea

If you look at a simple ‘object’ like a door handle, first thing to notice is how we usually don’t actually look at something but distractedly confirm what appears as known. The next thing is we look through our thoughts and feelings about its use and through our personal, collective past. Even implicit structuring thoughts act as a screen. For example thoughts that direct experience toward the idea of solidity when in fact there is only a sensation of pressure or resistance, no solidity directly known at all.

However if you keep looking, quietly with the whole feeling sense of mind and body you see that behind knowledge, the thought-image that constructs seeming objectivity, you don’t really know what it is you are seeing eg., a door handle. (Of course you can re-invoke the necessary utility of ‘knowing’ but that can be suspended revealing a primary isness, beingness, unknowable intimacy)

Then something wholly palpable appears, this something, its roundness, color, the ‘touch’ of it. Its name floats as a sign but cannot touch this something, which only “unknowing” awareness can truly meet.

An amazing fact can arise in this way – in each instance of direct perceiving there’s no separate object or subject, no separate seeing that sees. No separate person who experiences from an outside point in the thought structure of space/time.

A seeing-being quality, toned in beauty and lightness, appears to be the most intimate basis of life in its actual moment-to-moment living.

Every occasion of perception shimmers in the same quality, be it a thought, sensation, color, sound, a person, a tree, a bird. The me-you, self-world dichotomies are not sustained in our most primary experience. The light in which all is perceived imbues everything in its own quality of wholeness. Divisions and borders cannot be found yet differences shine and order is intrinsically maintained.

With knowing temporarily in abeyance a sense of wonder and beauty effortlessly arise. At the edge of knowing, really seeing! begins to open up.

This, in a glimpse, is the world left behind in a subtle rejection of life that is ‘knowing things’. The over-worked surrogate, though necessary, symbolization of living.

Thinking, emoting, imagining are all secondary and derivative, there’s something more foundational that doesn’t need to be maintained and isn’t broken up. Each thought-emotion-image-sensation complex that arises in our experience moves in fractured sequences but that which carries all perceptions, itself not directly findable, is a river of wholeness; smooth, stable, complete.

Not constructed by any effort, requiring no maintenance and we, the experiencers can’t be found apart from that.

Thomas Martin

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