The Scent of Rose in Cool Sea Air

At about the mid point of the trail as it swung back toward the coast, through stands of white barked Alder with fresh new leaves, there was a small cirque created by a slip opening the forest three hundred feet downward toward the beach.

Standing on the trail you could see far down into the area as it was filled with low shrubby foliage of dark green salal. Nootka rose bushes with their pink petalled, yellow centered flowers were sprinkled amongst the dark green salal bushes.

The scent of rose wafted up on cool, moist sea air. A scent that seems to redeem all wrongs and make the final point of all events and lives, no matter how sad confused or painful, a smile.

Is the human perspective trapped somehow in a loop of fear and hope? Persuading us of dark endings which in turn stimulate imagined outcomes of self fulfillment and invulnerable happiness.

Or is there something speaking to us in unexpected moments, hinting that our lives, regardless of particular thought and feeling, are carried effortless and unbroken in true freedom?

You could hear the sea a mile away. With eyes closed it almost seemed to be wind in the high tops of fir and spruce. Both sounds intimately suffused with each other along this coast since ancient times. But if you listen carefully the ‘sea’ nor ‘trees’, ‘wind’ neither – no other thing apart from unbroken being/hearing can be found.

Only that something is heard. The name ‘sea’ comes after so quickly, so habitually. Nor will you find an act of hearing, nor an ‘I’ hearing in the moments completeness.

Just that steady, continuous, distant pulsed whoosh, soft hiss, shearing of sheeted waves over wet sand. Innumerable ribbons of foamed waves slipping across smoothed sand.

The rolling, falling, spreading, settling and pulling back of ocean waves lost for a place of transmission. Leaving sand, rippled, mounded, pressed and smoothed. Hissing and crashing rich sound, mist-blown inland.

It’s own complete being and your being as one without defined borders. Completeness right here but overlooked, no special future experience needed!

Thomas Martin





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