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One Perception – Exploration of Beauty and Understanding in Direct Experience.

The blog is collection of essays and various pieces I have written pertaining to the examined life, to a contemplative flow that, no matter what may seem otherwise, can never leave the living moment. Also to Beauty embedded in the heart of nature which is the heart of our own experience, one and the same.

A central insight also explored is that perception, in essence, lacks division and reveals one fluid whole movement of experience in which opposites such as subjective/objective, inner/outer, self/world are unfindable.

All such seeming dualities are attributed to experience from conceptualization and language. Though the partitions of thinking and language have a functional necessity they are easily confused with Being and with reality – misperceiving the software for the root state. Being can never be touched through concepts and their attendant images, emotions, but through unknowing intimacy. Being can have no language at all but perhaps like a breeze that blows leaves on the pavement into shapes there can be hints displayed in the lives of each of us?

Anyone can begin to see these dualities dissolve in the alert quiet of contemplative experience. This experience, in and of itself – without invoking large concepts like religion, philosophy, science – intrinsically has qualities such as beauty, timelessness, even compassion and wisdom. This can be worked on, discovered and re-discovered and seen to be present without special conditions, just by noticing.

Also self-knowledge is unavoidable for as the world is seen, the self is seen and as the self is seen so is the world. Through self-knowledge humanity learns about itself, laying the groundwork for its adulthood. But really, no dividing line can be found between self and world so self-knowing is no different from life knowing itself. A movement of learning, enjoying, discovering and creating.

Finally these writings claim no special status, authority, or depth of understanding – meant only as one half of sincere discussion with whomever may happen to read them. They, in principle, intend no finality; conclusion is a no-place pretending to be otherwise. Honest communication is of great value for people who carry the fire and love for “spiritual” inquiry as a where-it-is, how-it is, as-it-is, ongoing flow of unfoldment, devoid of authority or claiming, with a simple clarity about actual experience.

The spadework, so to speak, is about living with, and working with deepening understanding. Though deepening is not entirely accurate, as unfoldment is by sudden unexpected transformations of perception, not through succession. No continuous pathway or trace is to be found in experience really and the simple fact of awareness is devoid of layers and levels, surfaces and spaces attributed to it by structures of thought.

So sharing this work of learning participates with countless others in a dialogue which, by its nature has no end, never settling in any individual, group, belief system or rigid intellectual structure. Like the water that circles the globe such dialogue nourishes the world.
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Thomas Martin

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“… is it possible – this is part of meditation, what we are doing now – is it possible for the senses to operate as a whole; to look at the movement of the sea, the bright waters, the eternally restless waters, to watch those waters completely, with all your senses? Or a tree, or a person, or a bird in flight, a sheet of water, the setting sun, or the rising moon, to observe it, look at it with all your senses fully awakened. … if you observe this, if you observe this operation of the whole senses acting you will find there is no centre from which the senses are moving…when the senses are fully awakened, flowering then the body becomes extraordinarily quiet.”

“…for beauty is truth and truth is goodness and love.” J Krishnamurti

“…To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty…” Albert Einstein

“The world, body, and mind appear as sensations, feelings and thoughts. These appearances are all arisings in awareness. The person does not see these arisings. Rather, the person is made up out of these arisings, including the supposed act of seeing.” Greg Goode

“Life is one, indivisible, homogenous wholeness…it means that in this Cosmos every expression of life is inter-related to every other expression of life. There is inter-relatedness and inter-dependence of all expressions of life. No sustainable society can come into existence unless this organic inter-relation among all the innumerable expressions of life is noticed, perceived, analyzed, appreciated and recognized in every human activity.” Vimala Thakar

“Remember,  your personal knowledge of Truth is the only path to freedom. My Truth will be your jailer until you personally experience it yourself.” Ellie Roozdar

“Whatever we say a thing is, it is not that. It is both different from that, and more than that.” David Bohm


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